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Ball Mill Manufacturer In India

Psted On 2018-10-23 14:14:02
Ball Mill Manufacturer In India

Advantages of Ball Mill in coal grinding production

Q: what are the companies that can be used for coal production?

Answer: So far, the company developed and produced mill products, can be used in the production of pulverized coal mill equipment mainly Ball Mill, micro-grinding two kinds.

Q: what is the most widely used coal mill in the above two devices in industrial production?

Answer: The most widespread is the Ball Mill, because the Ball Mill submerged pulverized coal fineness is not very high, but this fineness is just in the pulverized coal combustion fineness range, so it is the most widely used. The fineness of the material can be grinded between 325 mesh and 2500 mesh by micro-grinding, but in the production of pulverized coal combustion, such a high fineness is not required.

Q: what advantages do Ball Mills have in grinding coal production?

Answer: the most obvious advantage is that this product will be safer for milling.

Q: What measures have been taken to make the mill safer and more reliable?

Answer: In order to produce more reliable Ball Mill pulverized coal, this product has taken the following two measures in the production of pulverized coal: explosion-proof valve and hot blast stove. Explosion-proof valve is a glass-like transparent material, in the Ball Mill design a hole in the machine, and then blocked with explosion-proof valve, but it should be noted that the explosion-proof valve to seal the machine to prevent leakage; another measure is to install a hot blast stove in the grinding production line, through the hot blast stove to blow hot air Enter the system to ensure that the wind of the whole system is hot air.

Q: how do explosion-proof valves and hot blast stoves be flameproof?

Answer: The material of explosion-proof valve is the softest, that is, when the air pressure in the grinding chamber of the pulverizer becomes higher, that is, when the pulverized coal has the tendency of burning, the explosion-proof valve will explode, so that the gas in the grinding chamber of the machine is discharged, and the air pressure in the system is lowered to realize explosion-proof production. Hot stove is a prominent feature of Ball Mill. Hot stove and Ball Mill are installed together, while hot air in hot stove comes from the flue gas from burning material. Users also know that the oxygen content in the flue gas from burning is very low, and this gas is introduced into Ball Mill system. The contact between pulverized coal and oxygen is avoided, so as to achieve the purpose of explosion protection.