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Grinding Mills In South Africa

Psted On 2018-11-13 09:44:45
Grinding Mills In South Africa

Marble Grinding Mill


The processing of heavy calcium carbonate with marble is a commonly used process in the industry. The production of heavy calcium carbonate is used in many industries, so how to choose a Grinding Mill? The engineers of Shanghai Shibang Machine will answer these questions for you.


Many customers choose to use marble as the raw material for heavy calcium carbonate. Before we choose to produce heavy calcium, we need to consider how much fine calcium powder we need to process. Because the use and price of different heavy calcium powders are very different, so The fineness of heavy calcium is a problem that must be considered. The heavy calcium powder used in the industry is mostly 1250 mesh, and there are also 800 mesh, 1000 mesh heavy calcium powder.


After determining the fineness of the heavy calcium powder, we have to choose the right processing equipment according to the different fineness. At present, the equipment capable of processing heavy calcium powder on the market mainly includes Raymond mill, Grinding Mill, ball mill, etc. Each type of Grinding Mill has its own unique characteristics, among which the Grinding Mill is super fine of various ores. Micronized powder is an ideal vertical grinding machine. The equipment can process the ore fine powder in one time with a fineness of 300-3000 mesh. It is a powerful equipment for producing heavy calcium, light calcium, talcum powder and calcite powder. At the same time, the equipment is also widely used in the production of carbon black powder, the production of petroleum coke powder and so on.


Whether it is the installation and protection of the milling production line or the after-sales service of the milling production line, it is meticulous, based on the purpose of satisfying all customers, and using flexible and diverse service forms as appropriate, customers can rely on their own raw materials. The parameters of the variables and the grades of the finished products are different, and appropriate replacement and matching of the vertical grinding facilities of the production line is carried out. Based on its own product advantages, Shibang Machinery has developed a series of equipment and processes for the production of heavy calcium carbonate. The production facilities of this series of equipment are based on the new products of Shibang Machinery. In addition, Shibang Machinery also provides customers with a variety of Grinding Mill equipment layout solutions, which provide customers with reference for the purchase of Grinding Mills, so that customers can implement excellent production line facilities with low production capital. Equipped with layout, so to achieve the economic benefits of greater.