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Mining Equipment Zimbabwe

Psted On 2018-10-11 09:09:40
Mining Equipment Zimbabwe

Analysis of Wear Causes of Mining Equipment Lining


During the operation of the Mining Equipment, there are often problems such as lining wear and fracture failure. This article mainly analyzes the causes of wear on the mobile breaker liner.


First of all, the main function of the Mining Equipment liner is to protect the mill cylinder and drive the grinding ball inside the mill to make a sloping motion to punch and crush the material in the crushing mill. To this end, the mill liner is required to have sufficient lifting and disturbing ability for the grinding ball. Mining Equipment manufacturers have found that in the Mining Equipment, when the height difference between the peak and the trough of the mill cylinder liner reaches about 60% of the diameter of the grinding ball, the grinding ball is moderately strong, and the mill is at this time. Is working. In the φ5.03m× 8.5m Mining Equipment used, the maximum grinding ball diameter is 80mm, and the height difference between the peak and the trough of the mill cylinder liner is only 40mm. In this case, it is difficult for the lining to achieve an effective lifting of the grinding ball. At this time, the intensity of the movement of the steel ball in the mill decreases, which in turn causes the mill to reduce the material crushing efficiency. At the same time, because the height difference between the peak and the valley of the lining is not up to standard, the relative movement of the grinding ball and the cylinder lining is severe. The existence of this problem leads to the occurrence of the furrow wear phenomenon of the mill lining. The rapid wear of the mill liner is aggravated, and the liner is scrapped in advance because the bottom of the furrow will be worn first.

Secondly, during the operation of the Mining Equipment, the reaction force on the peak side of the lining in the process of lifting the grinding ball is particularly strong, so the part will be subjected to strong cutting wear, so the wear is extremely serious. The design of the arc-shaped vacant groove on the back of the lining plate makes the thickness of the lining plate substantially uniform, and the rapid wear of the top position on the crest side will cause the lining to be worn first and the lining plate to be scrapped in advance.

In addition, most of the traditional Mining Equipment liners are made of high manganese steel, which uses its unique work hardening properties to achieve its wear resistance. Under the grinding condition, the high-manganese steel can not be fully hardened. Generally, high-strength and tough wear-resistant cast steel is used. The hardness is generally between HRC45-60. The hardness of the lining plate is moderately lower, so the wear resistance is general. If the hardness of the liner body can be improved, the wear resistance of the liner is improved, and the service life is greatly improved.

The above is the analysis of the cause of the wear of the Mining Equipment liner. It is hoped that after the user has finished reading, it can make effective improvements to prevent the wear and tear of the liner and damage.