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Gyratory Crusher Mainshaft Spare Parts

Psted On 2018-10-23 16:12:26
Gyratory Crusher Mainshaft Spare Parts

maintenance of Gyratory Crusher bearings

Guide: For the production and construction of Gyratory Crushers, the bearings play a great role, and the bearings are wearing parts, so pay attention to the maintenance of them in production, here we are to introduce three aspects Maintenance measures.

When the Gyratory Crusher is working, its maintenance measures are indispensable, and the maintenance content is mainly for the core parts inside the equipment, such as bearings that have a great influence on the equipment work, the damage of the parts will be It causes the work of the equipment to stop, so it is very necessary to maintain it. Here is to introduce three important operations when the part is under maintenance.

First, the lubrication operation, because the bearing will be subject to wear when working in the Gyratory Crusher, so it needs to be lubricated. The lubricating oil forms a protective film on the surface, which can reduce the friction and other forces. Wear, which is conducive to the extension of its life, and the reduction of faults, but in the lubrication, pay attention to two aspects: one is the choice of lubricant type, the second is to quantitatively carry out lubrication, these two aspects Has a great impact on the lubrication effect;

Second, cleaning operation, because in the long-term working process of the Gyratory Crusher, the bearing surface will produce large dust and dirt, which has a great influence on the lubrication of the part, and will also aggravate its wear and tear. The phenomenon is very important for its cleaning. When cleaning, follow the equipment cleaning instructions to prevent unnecessary damage to the bearing caused by improper operation;

Three, inspection work, inspection refers to the regular inspection of the bearing when the Gyratory Crusher is working, to check the wear and tear, if the wear is serious, it needs to be replaced in time, so as to prevent its failure. There is an impact on production. In addition, when working, you need to check the temperature of the bearing at any time. If the temperature is high, you need to stop working immediately to check. In high temperature weather, you need to pay attention to the cooling operation of the part.

The article mainly introduces the maintenance method of the Gyratory Crusher bearing. The analysis of this problem is mainly lubrication, cleaning and inspection work. The analysis of these three aspects is more detailed, in addition, according to the actual production. In the case, the maintenance work of the part may be different, but no matter what the operation is, it is to ensure its integrity, so that it can assist the equipment to carry out production smoothly.