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Jaw Crusher In Nigeria For Sale

Psted On 2018-10-23 16:14:17
Jaw Crusher In Nigeria For Sale

Comparison of different swinging Jaw Crushers

Guide: For the Jaw Crusher, according to the different swinging modes, the device can be divided into two types: simple pendulum type and double pendulum type. The difference between these two different types of devices is not only in the swing mode, but also in the structure. And the principle is different, here is to analyze the difference between the two.

The Jaw Crusher has different types. The difference between these types is not only in the internal structure, but also in the external performance. The machine can be divided into simple swing and double swing according to its swing mode. Here is a brief introduction to the differences between the two types of devices.

Difference one, internal structure

Compared with the simple pendulum Jaw Crusher, the structure of the compound pendulum device is similar to that of the simple pendulum type, which only reduces the components such as the connecting rod, the back thrust plate and the moving jaw shaft, and the mechanism is simpler. Since the moving trajectory of the moving jaw is not a reciprocating swing centered on the axis of the moving jaw, but an extremely complicated trajectory, it is called a compound pendulum type Jaw Crusher, that is to say, the structure of the compound pendulum device is simpler. Compact;

Difference 2, working principle

Simplified pendulum Jaw Crusher is a crank double rocker mechanism that is simply oscillated by moving jaws. When working, the material is crushed by the periodic movement of the moving. Most of them can be used to make large or medium-sized E-breaking machines, and the crushing ratio can reach 3-6.

The compound pendulum type Jaw Crusher is a crank-rocker mechanism that makes complex swings by moving the jaws. When it is working, the motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate through the pulley, so that the moving ring is periodically close to and away from the fixed boring, so that the material has multiple crushing, squeezing, grinding, etc., so that the material becomes larger and smaller, and gradually falls until the The discharge port is discharged and the crushing is completed.

Differential three, production capacity

When the mineral pendulum is crushed and pulverized, the vertical stroke of the whole moving cymbal is larger than the horizontal stroke, especially at the discharge port, and its vertical stroke is about 3 times of the horizontal stroke, which is conducive to promotion. Excavation and improvement of the production capacity of the entire equipment; in addition, the moving jaw of the compounding device and the bearing of the frame also adopt rolling bearing, the friction is small, the starting is convenient, and the lubrication is simple. In addition, the horizontal stroke of the upper part of the movable E is larger, which can meet the compression amount required when the ore is broken, and the action of promoting the discharge of the movement when the movement of the movement of the E is downward. Therefore, under the same conditions, the E-break is more simple than the simple one. The bankruptcy volume is about 30% higher. When the simplified pendulum Jaw Crusher pulverizes the mineral, the crushing load is mostly concentrated in the lower part of the crushing chamber, and the entire jaw plate does not work evenly, thereby reducing the production capacity of the crusher.

The difference is four, the market price

According to the market of Jaw Crusher in the market, the general compound pendulum type is higher than the simple pendulum purchase price, but it should not be too much;

The article mainly introduces the comparison of different oscillating Jaw Crushers. It mainly introduces from four aspects: internal structure, working principle, production capacity and market price. The introduction of these aspects is more detailed. When selecting and distinguishing, it also needs to be based on actual production needs.